May 19, 2009

Losing My Mind Over My Idea

By the end of this month, we plan to visit Kerala for a friend's wedding and a family function. Both will happen on a weekend and we'll be spanning 3 districts. The point is, my closest friend is in Kerala now and I've been waiting to meet her. So I thought, maybe, I'd extend my stay, have loads of back-to-college kinda fun, while Mylo can return, well - to his work. 

Last night, my parents called. Mom suggested I extend my stay (I'm waiting to be mom, so I can read my kids' minds), and I responded wondering about the dates, when the tummy-satiated, until-then-inactive Mylo, sprang from the sofa. Archimedes was then defeated. "Oh, you wanna stay back?" (trying hard to hide excitement) "it's OK, you can stay for a week and I'll come and pick you up that following weekend." 

Whoever spoke about a WEEK???
And it had become HIS idea too. 

Me: "Hmmmm... I don't think so. I have some work and we're just getting back to a routine, so...."
Mylo: "Oh comeon! Don't you want to meet S? You should spend time with her"
Me: "No." 

My imagination of my absence:
  1. Booze in the bedroom
  2. Dirty dining table
  3. Spoils of the visible attempts at cooking
  4. Piled unwashed clothes
  5. Fan running in an empty house
  6. Tap running in an empty house
  7. Scattered newspapers
  8. Tea cups rings on the furniture
  9. Refrigerator museum
  10. Not missing me - sigh!
My Realization:
Wasn't all that housekeeping?? Oh God! Have I become his trail? When I was single, I specifically remember not helping mom, then how did I get so good at it? Who am I?

The Question:
Now that he wants it, should I give it to him?

Ordinary Answer:
Well, I want to spend time with S, so I guess I'll extend my stay. Gods of sanitary sanity, all I can say is, I've updated your calendars.

4 thus spoke:

Sakshi said...

No harm in extending your stay gal as long as you lock the refrigerator, all his clothes (just leave a pair for every 5 days u intend to stay) that way when you are back you don't have too much cleaning up to do and yeah on second thoughts you can take the fuse out away with you...with no laptop he is sure to miss you!!!

Nags said...

heh! i think in our case, he'd breathe a sigh of relief cuz the 9 things on your list are mostly my doing in our house. believe it or not! ;)

Toothlesswink said...

@Sakshi - That sounds like a good evil idea :) But removing the fuse will lead to him changing the locks. :D
@Nags - As again, and as always, your TH and I are sighing on the same plate.

Nandini Vishwanath said...

Err... I was with you only. I'm still with you. Most of it is from the husband. So :D

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