Jun 5, 2009

Singing a Duet

6:30 last evening: Ugh! I'll spend my lifetime at this kitchen sink weeding out the grass from this spinach! If Mylo wants to eat healthy, he better clean it himself! And he had to buy two bunches! There, I'm gonna return the second bunch to the fridge and quickly finish this one off.

7:00 last evening: Is that MY arm in the mirror? The other arm too! When did they become so big?!

8:00 last evening: I'm done with cooking and I'm wet with sweat. Let me try repairing the constipating toilet flush before I take my shower.

8:15 last evening: Oh you are back! What? No. I'm repairing the flush, you can't go in now! What?! Wait! Ugh! OK!! Fine! Go in, do your bit and fix the flush as well!

8:45 last evening: So you just put everything back in place but didn't 'fix' it? Ugh! Let's eat. Let me take my shower first.

9:30 dinner: You forget to pay the credit card bill? Oh comeon! You buy two BIG bunches of grass-filled spinach, do not help with fixing the flush and now the bill too!!! I'm done.

10:00 post dinner: Oh, so he wants to watch TV while fondling his tummy. I'm going to bed.

10:15 post dinner: There he comes. I hope he's not looking for the nail cutter. If he is, I'm not gonna tell him where it is.

"Where's the flute?"
"Eh? In that left shelf"

(Pulls chair near bed. Sits on it and stretches his legs to the bed)

Starts playing.



"I should practice more often, right? Have any song in mind?"

"Hmmm.... Oh yeah that one.... from that movie...."

3 thus spoke:

Sakshi said...

Lolz you are hilarious...constipating toilet..mmm will copy this one for a future post of mine....
Gal try putting the spinach in a tub of water and all those weeds and mud will sink to the bottom...hee used to do that back in India. Here Uncle Sam confiscate the weeds and mud before it reaches my home...

me said...

Soo cute...

Toothlesswink said...

@sakshi, thank you for the tip! You are free to constipate my phrases. :)

@me, thank you for dropping by!

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